Friday, February 24, 2012

God is moving mountains for Malcolm!


As of 5pm CST, almost $3500 in verified funds has been raised for Malcolm's grant fund with Reece's Rainbow!! A "crazy" goal to raise $500 in one day has resulted in almost $1500....and we know that several more checks are on their way "snail mail"! 

Malcolm's mom and dad: GOD HAS GOT THIS!!!!

Don't let fear stop you! We will stay with you on this journey!!! We are already planning another fundraiser and another appeal in March!

To everyone who heard his story and made a donation....THANK YOU!

To everyone who is praying for Malcolm.... THANK YOU!!

To everyone who was looking for proof that God is alive and that love conquerors all....

have a blessed weekend!!!

Henry continues to recuperate from croup...

we are trying to feed him A LOT to make up from the weight he lost in the hospital - he is back under 14 pounds, phooey!

He is liking solids more and more every day! We add coconut oil and green superfood protein powder and flaxseed to his pureed fruits and vegetables to give him some more caloric and nutritional oomph! He also takes lemon flavored cod liver oil every day...and thanks to the generosity of some awesome milky mommas (since my personal stash is now gone) he takes about 5 ounces of breasmilk every day to help heal his little tummy!

But this post is not about Henry...

it is once again about this little guy who weighs heavy on my heart...


You may remember him from this post:

Here is his full profile on Reece's Rainbow:

Here is the highlight that makes my heart ache:

Malcolm needs family badly. He is very emotional, sensitive and not a leader by nature and is being hurt by older and physically healthy children in the orphanage. He can hardly walk but retains sensitivity in the feet. There is a chance only in the presence of caring and loving parents Malcolm can walk independently in a future but in the orphanage environment the child is afraid of everything even walking. Malcolm has a favorite little toy: stuffed tiger, he carries it everywhere, he kisses it, puts to sleep, worries about it. Malcolm is interested in all new, he knows the names and colors, understands commands, has attachments to friends in a group, he goes on contact easily and is pleased to dialogue

But can you see the walker in the new picture above?? Malcolm is walking!!!

Here is the video that proves it!!!

His CP is truly treatable!!! We have medical treatments here in the US that will most likely make him a totally independent walker!!! 

Go HERE to see:

I know a family who is in LOVE with Malcolm but cannot adopt him...

They have already moved his grant fund with Reece's Rainbow close to $2000!!

RR knows that when a child's grant moves over $2500 people start to inquire!!!

Can we do this??

Can we move Malcolm over $2500 TODAY, this First Friday of Lent???

Can you make Malcolm part of your prayer and fasting and almsgiving???

He is scheduled to be moved to an institution when he turns 5 in April!

Oh my heart. This shy quiet loving boy who is already being bullied by other boys in a BABY HOUSE (children 0-5)???

How will he fare in an INSTITUTION with boys AND MEN ages 5-45?!?!?!

I cannot imagine it.

I will not stand for it.

Malcolm lives in an expensive country to adopt from. They have lots of rules. They require 3 trips.

But Malcolm is worth it.

So worth it.

Please join me in sharing his story...

in bulking up his grant fund...

and in praying him home.


  1. Carla, this is just breaking my heart! I wish so bad we could go get him. :( Just donated, and my prayers and fasting will be for Malcolm today, and his Mama and Daddy, whoever they are. Asking my kids to pray, also, for this sweet little boy. I know they would love him, too.

  2. Just shared, and donated, and posted. God bless him.

  3. Since I read Leila's post the fund went up by $200!! Incredible!

    I donated but I would rather just bring him home.

  4. Carla, what is the status of Malcolm's adoption? Are his parents moving forward? I am so heartbroken for ALL of the children I have discovered on RR. I desperately want to adopt but I must wait, pray and trust that God will open my husband's heart to this. I think fear ways more heavily on men than women. We are just driven to nurture.

  5. Hi Carla--

    We don't have that much in common--I'm an atheist from New Jersey and you are a Catholic from Illinois. But we have one thing in common--we both want Malcolm to find a home. I discovered his profile on Reeces Rainbow quite by accident one day and just fell in love with him. I wish we could adopt him, but it's just not to be right now. We have three age six and under and our plate is full. But I donated to his fund and spread the word about him on my FB page. And then one day shortly after that (this was sometime in early Feb., I think), I started noticing that his fund was going up and up and UP! That was when you got involved. I check his page often and do periodic "Malcolm posts" on my FB, asking friends to lend their status to him for a day or even an hour in hopes that his forever family will see him. I just watched the video that you linked to of Malcolm walking, on my iPhone while in a hotel lobby on a business trip. I sat there with tears running down my face, urging him on under my breath: "You can do it, little guy, go, go, GO!"

    I hope you will continue to update whatever you may find out about Malcolm. This sweet, vulnerable, precious little boy needs a home so desperately. He has so many mommies out here loving him from afar, surely all that love will find him a forever family?

    I'd be very grateful if you'd email me at ginadc (at) if you learn anything more.