Friday, September 16, 2011


Sure, it is cool to hear "Boy you are amazing!" and "Wow! I could never do what you are doing!"

but here is the reality...

Paul had to go to a back-to-school night for Sabrina, Luke was babysitting (for another family that had back-to-school night) and Sabrina went along to play with their daughter, and Brent was out at choir practice for St. Anthony. I was home with the youngest four.

About 6:30pm, a gal who works with Paul stopped by to graciously give us their outgrown baby monitor for us to use (ours from Tessa was broken when I took it out to use this week for Henry). She has a lovely 3 year old daughter...

and I have probably scared her out of having any more children.

Henry was screaming and screaming because he had to poop (he does every single time, plan to ask the doctor about it later today)....

Logan (4yo) was AT Tessa (2yo) and then Ella (6yo) and Logan were playing tug of war with a hula hoop and screaming at each other...

Logan had his shirt off and Tessa was finally tired of him bothering her so she BIT HIM IN THE BACK....he starts screaming for me to send Tessa to "time out".....

Ella was souped up on i-don't-know-what (sugar? caffeine? mommy being home??) and starting doing laps around our hallway with a full size hula hoop banging the walls and everything else she passed...

I have never been so embarassed in my life! I must have looked completely incapable of caring for the six children I already HAVE much less one more with special needs...

God LOVES a humble heart (and makes sure I am working on obtaining one)!!

Off for Henry's first post-adoption doctor appointment this afternoon...

Please pray for his many medical needs and have a blessed weekend with your own crazy bunch!!


  1. I hope and pray you find some excellent specialists to treat your little boy!

    I have had days like that, and I only have two kids... lol.

  2. You're doing great, hun. :). And, yes, we do all have those moments! So happy to see Henry home with all his brothers and sisters, and still praying for you guys, that your adjustment go as smoothly as possible. Will pray for baby Henry today!

  3. Thank you so much for posting something like this! I think we all need to be reminded that adoption is not all rainbows and unicorns once we're home, that we're all human, and that we can find humor in the chaos. If it makes you feel any better, I had company in from Florida last night - and part of the evening involved - in front of those guests and my daughter's friend - wrestling a yowling cat to the living room floor (which now smelled because of said cat) while we attacked him with baby wipes to get poop off of his fur!

  4. Um.... sounds like every day at my house. Hooligans.

  5. My favorite quote right now is "you don't get humility without humiliation!" Here's looking at you Sister. Sure your virtue stock shot up 35% after that encounter!

    (PS Maybe today's embarrassment will actually help your friend adopt a special needs baby of her own. After all "she can't do worse that Carla, right?) Totally kidding!!!! :-)