Monday, June 10, 2013

Giveaway/Party Wrap Up and Where We Stand....

We started off the month big!!!

Our iPad/Kindle giveaway was a HUGE success and brought in $2500!!

Here is Sabrina picking the winner of the iPad -

And here is Ella picking the winner of the Kindle -

The winners have been notified and have their prizes!!!

We also had a basket raffle that brought in over $600!!

And then our generous guests donated a bit more than $4000 to our adoption fund!!!

Our FSP on Reece's Rainbow right HERE is currently at $15,633!!!!

So what do we still need??

Here are the financial details for the adoption of our newest children....We completed our adoption of Henry for $24,000 in September 2011...

Illinois Homestudy - $3,300 (we get a discount of $300 off the original $3600 cost because we used the same Agency for Henry)

Fingerprinting, Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates for Dossier - $ 400

Apostilles - $300 (need for all Dossier documents and issued by State of Illinois)

Postage to Send Dossier (2 batches) to Eastern Europe - $300

US Department of Homeland Security I-600A Processing and Fingerprinting - $ 1,060

Medical Exams needed for all 3 children to leave the Country - $ 800

US Visas for all children - $ 1500

Passport fees for all children (in country) - about $1500 (will not know for sure as differs by region)

Facilitation Fee for adoption of all 3 children (court, translation, representation) in Country - $15,500 TOTAL ($9000 first child, $2500 second child in same orphanage, $4000 child in same region but different orphanage)

Airfares - approximately $5200 (Paul and I to and from at $850 each way, 2 older children one way back to US, baby girl one way back  to US 10%)

Travel in Country - approximately $1000 (the 2 littles are together in the city we will stay in and we will need to hire a driver to get to orphanage where older girl to visit, plus location is 12+ train ride from where we will fly into and will need to get all children to the capital city on the train)

Lodging/Food in Country - Approximately $3500 (renting an apartment will be about $65 a day for the 3 weeks Paul and I will be there and I will stay through the 10 day wait until the court decree is final as flying back and forth would be twice the cost of staying and I will have extra bonding/visiting time with children)

So there you have it!!

The total comes in at $34,360....

We have already paid out $5,060 of this total...

So $29,300 is our GOAL to be FULLY FUNDED!!!!

With the $15,633 already in our FSP....

We have $13,667 to go!!!!

Which scares me a little....

So when I feel like this....

I know I need to do this....

So I will be "unplugged" from the blog and FB for the next week...

We will be starting our Usborne Books fundraiser then (for a preview you can go HERE and Select "SHOP" and then "Dobrovits Adoption"). We are beyond grateful for all your love and support!!!