Monday, June 10, 2013

Giveaway/Party Wrap Up and Where We Stand....

We started off the month big!!!

Our iPad/Kindle giveaway was a HUGE success and brought in $2500!!

Here is Sabrina picking the winner of the iPad -

And here is Ella picking the winner of the Kindle -

The winners have been notified and have their prizes!!!

We also had a basket raffle that brought in over $600!!

And then our generous guests donated a bit more than $4000 to our adoption fund!!!

Our FSP on Reece's Rainbow right HERE is currently at $15,633!!!!

So what do we still need??

Here are the financial details for the adoption of our newest children....We completed our adoption of Henry for $24,000 in September 2011...

Illinois Homestudy - $3,300 (we get a discount of $300 off the original $3600 cost because we used the same Agency for Henry)

Fingerprinting, Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates for Dossier - $ 400

Apostilles - $300 (need for all Dossier documents and issued by State of Illinois)

Postage to Send Dossier (2 batches) to Eastern Europe - $300

US Department of Homeland Security I-600A Processing and Fingerprinting - $ 1,060

Medical Exams needed for all 3 children to leave the Country - $ 800

US Visas for all children - $ 1500

Passport fees for all children (in country) - about $1500 (will not know for sure as differs by region)

Facilitation Fee for adoption of all 3 children (court, translation, representation) in Country - $15,500 TOTAL ($9000 first child, $2500 second child in same orphanage, $4000 child in same region but different orphanage)

Airfares - approximately $5200 (Paul and I to and from at $850 each way, 2 older children one way back to US, baby girl one way back  to US 10%)

Travel in Country - approximately $1000 (the 2 littles are together in the city we will stay in and we will need to hire a driver to get to orphanage where older girl to visit, plus location is 12+ train ride from where we will fly into and will need to get all children to the capital city on the train)

Lodging/Food in Country - Approximately $3500 (renting an apartment will be about $65 a day for the 3 weeks Paul and I will be there and I will stay through the 10 day wait until the court decree is final as flying back and forth would be twice the cost of staying and I will have extra bonding/visiting time with children)

So there you have it!!

The total comes in at $34,360....

We have already paid out $5,060 of this total...

So $29,300 is our GOAL to be FULLY FUNDED!!!!

With the $15,633 already in our FSP....

We have $13,667 to go!!!!

Which scares me a little....

So when I feel like this....

I know I need to do this....

So I will be "unplugged" from the blog and FB for the next week...

We will be starting our Usborne Books fundraiser then (for a preview you can go HERE and Select "SHOP" and then "Dobrovits Adoption"). We are beyond grateful for all your love and support!!!


  1. Praying that all the money easily comes in. So excited for your family!

  2. Can your Usborne fundraiser be renewed or extended?? I'd like to place an order, but only if you can get the proceeds for it.