Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our newest challenge....

is getting our little Henry a little happier about THIS....

He is wearing his new back brace.

It will do 3 things -

1) Keep his spine from bending too much more than the already 110 degree curvature.

2) Help to strengthen his back and shoulder and core muscles.

3) Puts his chest cavity in a better position for breathing more normally.

But it is is supposed to be to do its job...he will have 2 big areas of red marks on his back where the skin will need to "toughen up" to tolerate this brace....

which he needs to wear 23 hours a day.


no momma likes to see her baby in so much discomfort...

even when it is GOOD for them....

and especially when baby has already spent the first year of his life enduring hospitalizations, malnutrition and life in an orphanage.

I can only handle one day at a time.

One hour at a time.

We receive the grace we need WHEN we need it, not in anticipation of down the road or what might be or even what is definitely coming....

so Lord I ask for the grace Henry and I both need in this very moment....

and in an hour and tonight and tomorrow and next week and next month....

I'll ask again.


  1. Oh, the poor little doll! How hard it must be to see him so unhappy :(.

  2. I understand it hard and I have no idea how how it must be on you. I am praying for you -
    please know that you are an amazing person and all this is for the better of your child.
    May God Bless you

  3. Oh my goodness, I could cry looking at his little sad face :( I'm sure this is very difficult for you. I just hopped over here from Tridentine Wife's blog, but please know I will keep you in close prayer and sacrifice, from one mom to another :) Ask Our Lady to help you. If anyone knew the pain of watching their son suffer, it's her right? God bless.

  4. Poor, poor baby! Oh, Carla, I know your heart must be hurting so much to see your baby feeling so bad. :( Offering up some prayers for both of you tonight.

  5. Bless his heart! I know it hurts your heart to see him like this. I will pray for you both! So, so precious!

  6. Poor buddy, poor mama...praying for grace, for healing, for comfort. I have scoliosis in my back and it is painful most days...His poor muscles will be sore too from being pulled even slightly in a different direction so be sure to give him a little back massage and perhaps some children't advil to help lessen the pain.... Praying for you, sister, and your precious boy.

  7. That poor darling! He will get used to it I'm sure, it WILL get easier for both of you! And once his skin is toughened up and he's used to the pressure of the brace, imagine how good it will feel to him to be able to take, maybe for the first time, a nice DEEP breath. I will pray for you both.

  8. I know it's not close to the same circumstance, but I was braced 23hrs/day too but started at 11yrs. The first few days were TERRIBLE... but honestly after that it became the norm. I never worried about sleeping "wrong" and could just about sleep anywhere because I was always in the same position :) There is a silver lining maybe?? Good luck... I know it's so much worse because you can't explain how much better off he'll be. ~Christine W

  9. Oh sweet baby and the rest of you too as you learn how to adjust to the brace. I know it is hard, as our little one has had to endure some tough things too to help her body - prayers for all of you.

  10. Poor, sweet baby :( I will be praying for you Carla - yes God will give you that grace when you need it!

  11. Carla, big hugs to you. I read your posts in the after the rainbow group and I wanted to come check in on Hnery myself. He is a trooper, I can tell. Keep at doing what you are doing because you are the one God hand picked to do it. We don't know all the answers nor will we know them this side of heaven, but I know that God loves Henry and has a great plan for him even though it mightbe hard for us to see. Blessings.