Friday, January 13, 2012

Why did the Chicken Vesuvio cross the road....?

To get away from Henry!!

Our little guy who 3 months ago would not allow ANY SOLID FOOD to TOUCH his mouth, made a play for the half-eaten chicken breast on my plate at dinner last night!!

After the grab was accomplished, he studied it....

La Di Da....Just hanging out at the dinner table....

Why are you watching me with such a big smile?

Just a boy sucking and biting on a garlic-and-olive-oil-infused chicken bone....

YUM!! I am glad I have an Italian momma!

20 MINUTES of a death grip on the chicken vesuvio...biting, chewing, swallowing.....

I have never been so happy a guy liked my cooking :-)


  1. Hi,

    I definitely think you should post the recipe of chicken Vesuvio..

    Mangia, mangia piccolino!!! ;-P

  2. AAAAA LOVE THIS!!!! WTG Henry! MMmm chicken vesuvio!

  3. Great choice, Henry! He looks like he enjoyed it very much. Hopefully this is the beginning of the road to eating solids for him!

  4. I'm glad he discovered how good garlic is. Yum.

  5. My favorite memory of Henry. My comment must have disappeared, or maybe never posted, but I said, "Cute little carnivore!" Thinking of you all every moment these days, and praying fervently for your comfort!