Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting ready....

We have our new surgery date at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)...

October 30!!

Go to www.veptr.com if you want to see what Henry is going to be doing while you are trick-or-treating :-)

We are getting ready in lots of ways...

like having a sleep study to compare his breathing now to how it was 6 months (and several pounds and inches) ago...

Could YOU get a good nights sleep like this?!?!?!


Lots to do!!! Time get started on my day....Have a good one everyone!


  1. LOL love the last comment :) Keep healthy baby boy!! Momma has big plans for you

  2. Good luck with those preparation, and let me know if you need anything on the Philly end done.

  3. Poor boy with all those tubes! BTW My heart races just looking at a latte cup!

  4. Next year he will be collecting tons of candy! I hope all goes well and he doesn't run into any trouble this hospital round!

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