Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Reflection - The Cross

Jesus on the Cross on Good Friday.

Henry on the Cross One Year Ago, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Good Friday 2012.

A sedated CAT scan/MRI at 9am that was going to get us back to the Ronald McDonald house in Philly to head back home for Chicago by 3pm....

turned into a 9 day PICU stay.

It was not until we were preparing for Henry's dental surgery the next August that I saw the records from that "Good Friday Sedated MRI gone bad."

He almost died.

They told me things were bad that morning, but not the extent...

His airway slammed shut...his left lung collapsed...his oxygen saturation levels were dangerously low...

But by the grace of God Henry made it through that crisis that Good Friday night....

Just as I am so grateful for what Jesus went through for me so many years ago...

Today I am grateful that God gave us 7 more amazing months with Henry after that brutal Good Friday just one year ago today.


  1. You are amazing...your journey is amazing! God bless!!

  2. He takes my breath away every time I see him. He is like a little Christ. Oh, Carla. Thank you for sharing him with the world.

    Thank goodness Good Fridays are always followed by Easter Sundays.

  3. I agree with Leila. Having never met him in real life, I always am taken back a bit when I see his picture and then realize he is not with you anymore. He is so precious. I can't imagine how much you miss him each day.