Monday, August 19, 2013

How much is a life worth?

2 Years Ago Today...

We met Henry.

And thus began his life as a son and brother and nephew and grandson...

The part of his life here on earth with us lasted 467 days.

His adoption expenses were $24,000...

We spent a minimum of $5000 in 2011 AND 2012 on medical deductibles/copayments/medications for him alone...

We spent at least another $2000 on special formula and non-covered therapies...

I will not even try to quantify the cost of my/my husbands lost work during his 8 hospitalizations...

So $36,000.

For 467 days.

Seem expensive??

This costs $36,000....

This was $36,000....$ 77.08 for each precious unrepeatable irreplacable day....

Happy "Meetcha" Anniversary my sweet darling baby boy.


  1. special salute for u :) god will certainly bless all of u ..

  2. I love you, Henry, and your entire family. Praying for you today my precious friend!

  3. Thinking of you today Carla!

  4. As usual, you bring tears to my eyes. Miss Henry even though I never had the honor of meeting him.

  5. Yup, I'm teary-eyed. Still so hard to believe he passed on.

  6. As my heart weeps right beside you. Losing a child also and only having her just under 3 weeks if I could just turn back the clock for just one more day. Every penny, nickle and dollar spent each I would glad give again to have our baby girl home. No one person knows just how much love we had received and such little time. Our baby had a mother and a father to love her. She died in my arms not and orphan. Yes every dollar I would be glad to give again to have her here. I advocate for all orphans and if only each person would just step one time in an orphanage they would understand how the changes....

  7. Henry you are a true treasure!

  8. Oh, my heart. Worth every cent ten times over!

  9. When you buy a car, it loses value quickly.

    When you adopt a child, well, only God can count that high. Love just bursts out a person.


  10. Prayers for you and yours, that you find solace in the fact that for 467 days, he knew what it was to have unconditional love of a family! Blessings!