Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Least of These

We all know that children with major special needs (like my Henry had) need OUT of orphanages...

but what about "cognitively typical/minor sn" kiddos?? 

Well today my heart was broken for THESE children...

We had to stay inside for our visit bc it was daughter and I were given one half of a playroom, the other 10 children in her groupa got the other half (pinned in by chairs)...

10 TWO YEAR OLDS in a 15x15 space, 2 nannies more interested in talking to each other, loud music, 2 play trucks, one musical toy and about 10 stuffed animals no 2 year old cares about...

A little boy named "Charlie" on Reece's Rainbow (and available for adoption with his younger sister who has a heart condition) especially was hanging over the chairs staring at us, he even climbed over twice to try to join us and was sternly reprimanded...

Can you imagine the mind-numbing boredom for smart inquisitive little minds???? 

No duplos, no blocks, no matchbox cars to line up or drive over a road of blocks, no books to be read, no warm lap to snuggle on...

Maybe your family cannot do major medical needs, but please search your heart to see if you could be just the family for a toddler like Charlie (and his sister)....


  1. How is FAS a *minor* special need?

  2. FAS was a cautionary disclosure, not a diagnosis. FAS does have a spectrum of severity, so if diagnosed, it can be mild. Lastly, even if if it isn't mild, compared to some other diagnoses, it would still be considered fairly minor.

  3. Well said teamstout!

    Carla, my heart breaks for these children as well. I wish so much I could adopt. I really am clinging to a hope that maybe one day I can...

  4. Amen, friend!
    Thank you for shouting out for these little ones!
    And I second what teamstout shared! Also, there are all sorts of spectrums for various special needs. Our son may have Down Syndrome but he is smart and in excellent health. The young lady that we are in the process of adopting has CP but is not wheel chair bound. Sadly, yes, there are severe cases out there but does that mean that they are less worthy of a family?! Hardly!

  5. Praying for you on the other side of the world!

  6. Yes, it is a tragedy that these children are in institutions. But, simply being institutionalized is a special need. Any family wanting to consider adoption should be aware of the effects of that on a child. These children will need support services that a typical bio child would not need. Having said that, if a family goes in with their eyes open and thinks that they would fit the needs of any particular child, go for it.

  7. Although you paint a very clear picture of what you saw today, I can't even imagine how your heart must hurt. Envisioning the scene has brought tears to my eyes, so experiencing it first hand must have just torn you up. Praying for Charlie and Lola!!!

  8. Shared and begged a bit on my facebook page. Praying for you and all the children there that don't have families.

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