Tuesday, February 25, 2014

7 Posts, 7 Days.... Day 2


I was ready to jump in with the update on our family, especially our newest additions, when my eyes caught on this on the whiteboard in my kitchen...

My 9yo Ella drew this soon after Henry died, it is Henry in heaven and her visiting him on a cloud and saying "in heaven i can do whatever I want" ... I used to post our daily menu and other scheduling notes and little encouraging phrases there, but now this has been there for over a year... I can't remove it.

I also can't remove this from my mudroom...

That was my favorite jacket for Henry that made him look like a little polar bear.

This is above my desk area.

This is pinned on my cork board.

And this is in my living room...

This statue of a sorrowful Mary holding... Or frankly almost SHIELDING...baby Jesus spoke to me when I saw it at Our Lady of the Universe Shrine in Orlando, Florida last June on a trip to visit a dear group of fellow adoptive Momma's...

It seems to me that this statue captures the moment right after Mary heard Simeon tell her that her baby boy would someday die for us... And she clutches him close, realizing that she could not, indeed should not, change that... 

I feel that Our Lady understands my loss and shares her compassion and just a bit of her strength with me...

So thank you for letting me share these reminders of Henry... Tomorrow we move on... One day at a time... Just as God calls us to....


  1. Oh Carla. I just love your heart and I hope and pray that you feel yourself tucked up close under Mary's cloak as well.

  2. Carla, just weeping for you.....that little jacket.... That precious little face. Hugs and prayers for you, sweetie. You are always in my prayers.

  3. I like seeing the Henry reminders! He's such an awesome guy!

  4. I remember the day you came Henry to collect milk for him. We had a lovely visit, but the detail I remember the most clearly was as you were leaving. You were standing in the door with Henry in your arms and I reached out to put my hand on his cheek--he hadn't looked at me at all during the whole visit, but he looked into my eyes and I said to him "I want you to come play with Javi just as soon as you are well enough to do so" and he smiled. That's the image I carry in my mind's eye of your sweet boy. Hugs to you!

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