Saturday, March 1, 2014

7 Posts in 7 Days... Day 6!

We met our goal for Amy and her boy in mere hours!!

So I owe you guys <3

Victoria Catherine is 11 years old...

She is on the left and my 9yo Ella is on the right...

They have become fast friends.

She prefers to be called "Vika" (pronounced "VEE-ka")

She likes playing with her little brother and sister from Ukraine...

She loves the rest of her siblings as much as chocolate :-)

She is going to school and is learning TONS of English...and making many friends...

We are SO happy to have Vika here in our family!!

Thank you for helping Amy bring her son home from China into her family!!

One more time:

Have a fun and refreshing Saturday and see you tomorrow for Post #7!!


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