Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - To Make Up for My Neglect...

WOW! Has it been 2 weeks since my last post??

Thanksgiving and a case of strep throat for my Ella and a bad cold for Henry will do that I guess...

so to make it up to everyone I am giving you lots of pictures today...

1) Henry!

This child is growing physically and mentally by leaps and bounds!!!

We would like for him to put on some more weight (he weights exactly the same as our first official weigh-in here in the States in early September) but his bonding to us is AMAZING and he is so SMART and he is ASTOUNDING his therapists with his progress on head control and chin tucking and clapping blocks together and helping to turn the pages when reading books and PLAYING with TOYS.....

I live in an almost constant state of amazement and gratitude that he is here with us and getting the medical care and brain stimulation he needs to THRIVE!!!

2) Anastasia!

This little sweetheart is on my heart lately. She is in Henry's country and has arthrogryposis (like Henry was SUPPOSED to have had) and she is just a bit younger than my sweet Tessa. I KNOW she is being treated like most children who cannot walk are in orphanages there....

left in a crib most of the therapy...little mental stimulation....

My heart aches for her.....and SOARS at the possibilities of what she could achieve with a family here in the U.S.!!

Go to - she has almost $8000 in her grant fund!!!

3) Madrigals!

Nothing puts me in a Christmas mood like medieval music sung acapella by guys in tights ;-)

like my son Brent....

who has graduated from the AWESOME Madrigals program at LincolnWay East and will be singing next week with the Madrigals at Joliet Junior College....

can't wait to hear the magic....

and see which costume and tights he gets to wear this year ;-)

4) Abundance!

I love Christmas.

I love giving presents.

I love decorating our home.

I love celebrating the birth of Jesus.

I hate that there are poor, sick, dying, orphaned children out there.

This tension is reminds me to be a little less ostentatious and a little more generous.

5) Coffee!
The last week has been very wintry in the south suburbs of Chicago....

Thank you Lord for a hot mug of morning coffee!

6) More Henry!

Hey, him napping like this was what made Quick Takes possible today!!

7) and finally, Ella!!

My little sweetheart fashionista turned 7 yesterday, December 1!!!

Happy Birthday to a special daughter and sister!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


  1. He holds his own bottle? Leo just throws his across the room ;)

  2. Henry is a doll! Thank you for advocating for Anastasia!

    Christine over at Smiles and Trials