Friday, December 30, 2011

Do you hear what Henry hears.....?

Probably not.

Because Henry has hearing loss in both ears.

He cannot hear much under 40 decibels, which is about the volume of a normal conversation.

But if you go like this....

THEN you will hear what Henry hears....

The good news is that the ENT doc thinks that it is 95% likely that this hearing loss is caused by massive fluid buildup in his middle ears, preventing the eardrum from vibrating properly. Children with cleft palates can have this probably because their ears do not drain properly.

So while Henry is getting his cleft palate repaired in February, the ENT will also be there to suck out the fluid and place little teeny tiny tubes in.... and then we will re-check his hearing a few weeks later.

As she said...

"This will be the easiest medical procedure of the many he will need."

I'll take easy for a change!!!

Happy New Year to All from Henry and the whole Dobrovits family!!!


  1. My son had the same problem since he was born, He did not have a cleft palate. Yet he did have almost the sae amount of hearing loss from the fluid. I wish you all the best of luck with Henry's upcoming surgery.

  2. I hope it helps his hearing and yay for "easy" procedures!

  3. Happy New Year right back atcha...and many, many, MANY blessings to you and yours in this new year. Smooch Henry for me at never can tell, he just might be awake!

  4. Glad he will get tubes. Both our girls have them and it is a HUGE difference. Praying for your New Year to be awesome!

  5. I had 95% hearing loss until I was over 3 years old because of fluid buildup! My parents just though I was a disobedient child!! Finally they had me tested and I had tubes put in at 3 1/2 and regained all my hearing and my speech caught up in no time! I now have super sensitive hearing as an adult and loud noises still bother me. Be aware that he will probably become super sensitive to noise for awhile as he adjusts to his hearing.

  6. Easy is GOOD!!! While the results are unfortunate, the outlook is fantastic! Congrats little Henry!