Saturday, February 11, 2012

I. Hate. Croup. and Pneumonia. and RSV.

For those of you not on FB, you missed our trip to the ER of Children's Memorial Hospital on Wednesday afternoon as Henry kept getting worse.

You missed our admission Wednesday night with an initial diagnosis of croup.

You missed the Thursday morning doctor visit to inform us he had a little spot of pneumonia on his right lung.

You missed the Thursday night doctor visit to inform us that he tested positive for RSV and that this infection would probably peak in the next few days.

You missed a few pics of my poor pathetic sweetie who has not smiled in 4 days (I will try to post here but I am using the Blogger app on my phone and I hear it can be temperamental).

You missed my Friday update that attempts to wean Henry off oxygen 3 times all failed.

You missed this morning's hope that the oxygen weaning will be successful so we can head home... I am so missing my Tessa Lu and other children.

But now you are caught up.

So please pray.


  1. poor, poor boy. prayers he's well soon.

  2. Awww! Poor sweet baby! I just love this little guy! Prayers for him to feel better soon!

  3. Oh No! I'm so thankful thus far our 2 month old adopted son is avoiding RSV. He was premature and is doing monthly synagis shots. Even time I hear of a little one in the hospital with RSV I vow not to complain about the hour drive each way to the Children's hospital to get the shot or the major copays it has. I will use that time praying for all those little ones with it.

  4. Oh, winter time is no fun for immune compromised little Tigers. You get well soon Mr Henry and give your sweet Mama an early Valentine's Day present!

  5. Sweet baby boy, oh my!! I am so grateful he is with your loving family now, and with the best medical help. Oh, I wish I could hold him! Praying!

  6. No! This is heartbraking. I'm so sad for henry and for you carla having to be away from your other children. Offering my migraine pain tonight for henrys quick recovery.

  7. Oh my gosh!!! CARLA!!! I am so so so so so so so sorry to read this! I can't believe everything poor sweet Henry is going through- and you, too! Praying for the best medical care- from doctors, nurses and our Lady. Sweet Jesus, heal baby Henry!!!

  8. I'm so sorry he is so sick! Praying for a speedy trip back home.

    As sick as he is, that photo is still ADORABLE. Nothing more precious than a sleeping little.