Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our RIDICULOUS Anniversary


my husband said YES....

to a RIDICULOUS idea....

international special needs adoption...

our 6 bio children were 18 down to 1 1/2....

our oldest would be attending college in the fall...

it made NO SENSE for us to spend time and money and effort to open up our lives to stranges to complete a homestudy....

paperchase for docuements to apostille.....

obtain government clearances of every kind...

This was the only picture we had.

It was captioned:

Boy. Born July 2010. Cleft palate and arthrogryposis.

That's it.

And on faith my dear husband gave his FIAT and exactly one year later my sweet Henry lies cuddled up in my bed, after I gently had to extricate myself from him holding my hand and having his head on my shoulder.


And it is amazing.


  1. My heart is soaring. It's crazy, it's ridiculous, it's pure love and trust and joy. Henry, we love you and you have the best family ever!!

  2. What an adorable "after" pic. I'm going to get busy catching up on your blog:)

  3. What a difference a year makes! He is such a sweet boy!

  4. So, so happy for you and for your sweet baby boy! I feel so priveleged to have watched this miracle unfold from the beginning. Your story has truly changed my life forever, and I'm sure many others. Your husband's "yes" is spreading so much good throughout the world that will have reverberations forever. Happy, happy, ridiculous anniversary, dear Carla!

  5. Oh my goodness. Look at that beautiful little cuddle bug. Is there anything better than a warm baby with a tight grip on your finger? You are all blessed to have been united.

  6. Well you make the ridiculous look perfectly beautiful!!!! ;)

  7. Carla, I don't think it is ridiculous at all of course why would I? Bob and I have done the same thing and because of you all and us Henry and Shruthi have been blessed with the love of family. Great things in store for Henry's future! I am happy to be a part of watching Henry's transformaion just as Shruthi has transformed. Blessings to the only other older couple who had done the RIDICULOUS, had enough love and courage to say yes to a Larsen Syndrome child. Praying for you daily!
    Love The Reeds, Cathy, Bob and Shruthi, along with Paul, Jessica, Anne, Michelle, Jason, Jacob, Kaylee and the three grandbabies

  8. tearing up! that's one lucky little boy!

  9. Happy Anniversary!! <3 Please pray for me and my husband that we too will have the courage to do something ridiculous..

  10. Carla-This is Meg, Leila's friend. I can't wait to read your series! :)