Friday, June 8, 2012

CHOP Day 5

I did not want to be late posting again so I am fighting to keep my eyes open just to update all you Henry fans...

Nah... I am not that noble...

Henry is cranky and I have to stand next to him and hold his hand to keep him calm...

He just started being fed Pediasure through his g-tube, so hopefully hunger will be eliminated as a reason for his fussiness...

We will feed very slowly for the next 16 hours to make sure his tummy does not get too gassy, and then I get to start practicing on the kinds of tube feeds he will get at night...

It's funny, one reason I became a lawyer and have my babies at home is because I hate needles and blood and all things medical...

And God sends me Henry who has been hospitalized 4 times in the 8 months (tomorrow!) he has been home!! And I have to deal with feeding him through what is essentially a hole in his tummy...

God likes to stretch us...

Don't snap me Lord I am learning to bend with you!!!

Good night all! I am not sure how Henry is going to sleep in the upside-down position he has chosen at the moment... :-)


  1. aw, poor little bubs :( And poor mama! Sending up prayers for you both.

  2. sweet babe, even with the nasal trumpet <3

  3. what a trooper! hang in there, Henry!

  4. Oh, that sweet boy… How I am glad you are there to love on him. God keep him safe and give him a speedy recovery!!

  5. Oh I'm praying for stamina for you and rapid recovery for Henry. I am glad to hear that you holding his hand is keeping him calm. Good sign!!!

  6. You are a brave and amazing Mom!!! God bless you and your son Henry. Hugs and prayers.

  7. So true about God stretching us!
    Hoping Henry recovers quickly!

  8. You will manage, and your little man will keep amazing you. It isn't fun, but you've got the best motivation in the world; love.