Friday, January 11, 2013

I think it is worse...

What is?

What the families hoping to adopt from Russia are going through.

Worse than what?

Worse than what I am going through.

How can not being able to complete an adoption be worse than your child dying?

Because of what I know.

And what they don't know.

I KNOW where Henry is.


I KNOW Henry is no longer in any pain and is happily running with abandon!

My heart breaks for the mommies and daddies who DON'T know.

Don't know if their children are hungry or cold or getting the medical care they need.

Don't know what the children are being told about why the parents they expected back after Orthodox Christmas are not there.

Don't know if their child's heart is broken.

Yes we are suffering together...

But they need your prayers more right now.

Please pray for an end to this senseless ban on American adoptions from Russia.


  1. You are so amazing, Carla. Crying over here. Love you, girl. Hugs. Thank you.

  2. Again, i love your generous heart!

  3. This is SO true! The little ones in Heaven are so blessed--it's we here on earth who miss them. But the sadness thinking about those little ones in orphanages is too hard to bear sometimes.

  4. Oh, Carla, that brings tears that you would reach out in your suffering to acknowledge mine.

  5. You are so gosh darn generous in your grief. I'm praying hard for BOTH now--you and them!

    You really deserve the title of Henry's Mom!" :-)

  6. <3 you Carla. I LOVE your heart. You are amazing. You are still in my prayers. I think of you every day (and still well up...). I am praying for the Russia families.

  7. Ahh, you get me every time, woman! I'm so blessed to have known a real-life saint (you!).

  8. Praying! And every time I am having my own pity party I read more on the blogs of those who wait, and realize I have nothing really to complain about. You continue to be a blessing and encouragement!