Friday, January 25, 2013

Today in Washington DC....

....something is going on that you might not know about....

and I could not blame you.

The annual March for Life 2013 is taking place in our nation's capital to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Last year over 400,000 people marched to protect the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" which has been denied to the pre-born in the US since 1973.

More people (it is estimated) are there marching in DC RIGHT NOW!!!

I logged onto AOL this morning and checked the "Latest Headlines"...

not a mention.

I googled "March for Life 2013" - the only non-religious, non-March sponsored site that mentioned the March today as of 9am Eastern Time was a DC site which gives the street closures in effect in the capital city today during the March.

Now why am I talking about this on Henry's blog??

Because I have talked about the dangers of SILENCE regarding the unborn, the disabled, and the orphan on this blog before....

Because when we finally had confirmed Henry's actual diagnosis of Larsen's Syndrome and I googled it up...

The first item was a medical summary of the ultrasound techniques used to diagnose Larsen's Syndrome on a male child of 22 weeks gestation in the womb....the mother chose to terminate the pregnancy when her child was diagnosed.

The second item was a blog post by an anonymous woman whose baby girl was diagnosed with Larsen's Syndrome "in utero" at 24 weeks....and this woman ALSO chose to terminate the pregnancy of her little one.

So this one is personal for me.

And Henry.

We have been lied to.

For 40 years.

The same way the secular media is lying by not reporting that HALF a MILLION people are braving the cold RIGHT NOW to say ALL life is PRECIOUS and has VALUE.

The same way they try to say that only a bunch of clueless old men and religious kooks oppose abortion.

I beg to differ.

So do they.

The slogan for the March this year is:

40=55 Million


In 40 years, 55 Million American children have been disposed of because they were inconvenient or defective or unwanted...

or because their mothers were pressured and threatened and lied to.

My heart aches for them and I want them to know that forgiveness and healing is possible.

We need to stand up and SHOUT that EVERYONE has a place in this world.

No matter their race or economic circumstances or cognitive or physical abilities...

or size :-)

Because if we stay silent...

like they want us to...

the world will miss out on the wonderful light one special soul can bring.


  1. Love you. Love this. I'll be praying for you from DC today!

  2. Proud of you. Love this. Thank you, friend, and thank you Henry for teaching us such a valuable lesson! <3

  3. Thank you, my friend, for this!! There is good news in that USA Today put it on the front page of their online issue! Progress??

  4. just makes me sick! So many precious lives lost! I pray that the world wakes up to this horror! Lovely and profound post Carla

  5. Awesome post. Thank you so much for putting this into such clear words.

  6. This makes me want to cry. All week I have been thinking about how 90% of children that have markers of Down Syndrome in utero are aborted. To think Paul could have been aborted, and to think Henry could have been aborted... Every life is precious. I wish people could see.

  7. Love this. The genicide of unborn children with disabilities is consistently heartbreaking. Having just lost my own special needs child (she lived 14 1/2 years), I can tell you that her life was invaluable and worth every difficult moment we went through. Not just for me, but for everyone who knew her. I wish those considering abortion could understand the privilege it is to love a special child.