Thursday, February 28, 2013

I choose (part two)....

So many things are being commemorated today.

My brother in law's birthday.

What would have been the 25th Birthday of an amazing boy named Tommy.

Today is National Rare Disease Day (Henry's Larsen's Syndrome certainly qualifies).

My friend Jennifer brought her little boy Joshua home from Henry's country one year ago today - oh, and he was diagnosed with a rare syndrome within months of being home just like Henry...

Today Pope Benedict leaves the Chair of Peter for a life devoted to prayer.

Today Henry has been gone for 3 months.

The longest hardest most painful three months of my life.

But today I want to place firmly in my mind a commemoration of joy and hope and redemption.

2 years ago today my dear husband said:


to this crazy idea God inspired...

to leave our 6 wonderful children and go halfway around the world to take a baby boy who had no one and no hope...

and make him a cherished son and brother and grandson and nephew and cousin....

to make the second half of what we now know was to be a short life...

into a shining beacon of the value of ALL LIFE for people across the world...

and an already happy household a true cenacle of love IN ACTION.

That is what I will be commemorating today.

Faith. Hope. Love.

The greatest of these is indeed love.

And despite the pain and sacrifice and difficulty...

I choose love.


  1. Yes! Let us always choose love. So very sorry for your loss. Much love and healing prayers to you!

  2. Your words are so powerful. God uses you well! We were blessed by your little boy from afar! (I am Connie Lindquist cousin.) Our favorite video was when Henry was rolling up a little angled platform. His joy was so contagious. Love endures forever...lucky us.

  3. Love your words and your choice.

  4. Your heart just doesn't stop amazing me. Lifting you and Henry in my prayers.

  5. So much of the difference between suffering and redemptive suffering is this very choice. The Lord Jesus makes it so. May He bless you today, Carla, and be the balm for your heart.

  6. How difficult it must be for you to make this journey, but how amazing and inspiring for the rest of us to watch the way the Lord is bringing you through it.

  7. Tears. You honor me and my Rare Boy.

  8. Your LOVE shines in all you say and do!