Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Next Chapter.

The Facebook and Reece's Rainbow "cyberworld" exploded Wednesday, April 10 beginning at 2:57pm with the news...

3 special children would be orphans no more...

and the Dobrovits family would be blessed beyond belief....

SUSAN, EDMOND and LUCY for the Dobrovits family — IL

007It started with Henry. We brought him home in September of 2011 at the age of 1. He was very sick and had a much more severe and rare disability than was originally thought. We loved him through ICU admissions and surgeries and therapies and learning how to eat and clap and laugh. He was our precious youngest of 7 and the treasure of our entire family.
He died on November 28, 2012, a few months after his 2nd birthday.
We grieved. We knew his short life made a difference from the hundreds of emails and cards and Facebook and blog tributes to him. We knew he changed us.
Now God has shown us our next adventure. Not to replace Henry. Never that.
But to give AND receive love and family in a different way. To a sibling group that DESERVES to stay together…
with a baby girl whose who needs a little extra help to figure out exactly what help she needs.
We are up for the challenge and we know Henry is cheering us on from heaven.
Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support to help us bring ALL THREE home.
Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at


We are so grateful...and humbled...and thankful...

to YOU dear readers and family and friends and bloggers and prayer warriors and orphan defenders...

and to Henry for his intercession from heaven....

We are starting off in a big way!!! Please join us as you feel led!!!


  1. I am ecstatic for you, and for the beautiful children, and I will support you in any way that I can!! Thank you, Henry!

  2. I was on the RR website a couple of months ago and saw these siblings and started to cry. How can this be?!?! Three of them! They are so darling!

    Adoption isn't possible for us so I didn't share my thoughts with anyone, but I am so happy you are rescuing these sweet precious children. God bless you!!!

  3. I am so happy for your family!!!

  4. Looks like Henry has made a miracle of love for these three little ones! So so happy for your family!

  5. Still smiling. Still so happy. Still crying a little bit. I am so proud of you and SO happy for you!!

  6. I have met the two little ones and I am SO glad that you are going to be their family!! Lots and lots of love to all of you!

  7. THE NAMES!!!!


    Congrats and much love!

  8. Was soo happy when I saw this yesterday! Congrats!!!

  9. This is wonderful!! Congratulations! Let me know if you need any help w/ fundraising--I would be happy to donate a rosary from my shop!

  10. I have chills reading it again!!! I'm SOOOOOOOoo happy!!!!!!!

  11. I'm so happy about this! Henry sure does love you and his siblings. Praying for you!

  12. So happy to hear this! Sending you and your family many prayers!!!

  13. Many prayers!
    So glad you found each other.

  14. WOW!
    May God bless you on your journey!!!

  15. Congratulations, Carla and family!! Many blessings on your journey!

  16. Carla,

    I have an adoption fundraising idea I'd like to share with you. Could you email me at


    Matthew Lee

  17. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading all about it.

  18. Congratulations! I can't wait to follow your journey

  19. What a powerful way to honor Henry. Good luck on this journey!

  20. Tears, for your loving hearts and the way you step out in faith. God bless you as you go on this journey. You will be prayed for every step of the way.

  21. IT brings so much joy to my heart to see that you are going to adopt that sibling group! I have been looking on Reeces Rainbow since it was brought to my attention a few months ago, and your babies are ones that just called to me! We cant adopt at this moment though. I am so happy for you all, i will pray for you to have a smooth and quick adoption and will continue to follow your blog. Cant wait for them to be home with you where they belong!!