Saturday, May 11, 2013


Our Online Facebook Auction that finished last Sunday was an amazing success!

Here is the whole family celebrating!!

(Actually it was Sabrina's 14th Birthday and we had dinner at Red Robin to celebrate THAT!)

The winning bids for 100+ items totaled $3268....most donations are in our FSP right now but some checks are being mailed so we should be at about $9000 when we get everything in...

What a blessing! So many thanks to Megan Stout who was the driving force behind the Auction and to EVERYONE who shared and bid and WON!!!!

Our next fundraiser is going to be fun and exciting and also has wonderful people making it happen!!!

Children's Therapy Services in Frankfort, Illinois (and its amazing founder Linda), where Henry went for OT (Bernie) and PT (Norah), has donated an iPad...

and the lovely Lauren DeStafano, orphan warrior extraordinaire, has donated a Kindle Fire...


Here is how it works:

Donate $10 to our FSP and leave a comment below that you gave (no need to advertise amount, I will get this info from Reece's Rainbow) and you get 1 entry to the iPad Drawing...

Donate $25 to our FSP and leave a comment below (same as above, just say you gave and I will keep amount private) and you get 3 entries to the iPad Drawing
1 entry to the Kindle drawing...

Want to be really awesome and donate $50?? You get 6 entries to iPad drawing
3 entries to the Kindle drawing...

Just SHARE this Giveaway Extravaganza on YOUR blog or Facebook Status and leave a comment below that your shared (or PM me on FB) and you will get 1 entry to the Kindle drawing...

The iPad drawing will be OVER when we reach 500 entries (the Kindle drawing may have more or less)...Our IRL friends will be donating as well so I will keep you posted every few days on how many more slots are open...

This Extravaganza ENDS on June 2, 2013, at 6pm Central Time when we will draw the winner LIVE in our backyard at our 2nd Annual Dobrovits Summer Celebration for our Ella's First Communion, our Sabrina's 8th Grade Graduation AND the adoption of our newest blessings!

So click here to give:

Then COMMENT below (that you gave and if/where you shared)

Then check for updates on our progress...we are moving fast and this coming week I will share where we are in the international adoption process and exactly what our need for funds is and why....

and then, finally...

Have a blessed Mother's Day!


  1. Donated and shared!

    Nancy Smith

  2. Donated and shared on Facebook!

  3. Shared on facebook and stay tuned for donation….

  4. I will be sharing on my FB, need to send you a message about another little project i have in hands. Teyra

  5. Donated and shared! Sure do love you Carla and I can't wait to see these precious children HOME where they belong!

  6. Donated and Shared.... hoping you reach your goal ASAP.
    Gail Markham

  7. Donated and shared on Facebook. At Reece's Rainbows request, I sent a check (to avoid transation fees). So they might not have it for a while (with Chicago's slow mail service!)

  8. Donated and shared. Good luck to you all.

  9. Just donated! Please email me if you need to know the amount donated. Think I added enough to cover the paypal fee.

  10. Hi, Donated under my husband Dan's name with an extra $1 for paypal fee

  11. Hi,

    I donated on May 24. God bless you!

    Sue H.

  12. Just donated! God bless your family!

  13. Donated 25.00!! Love you!!!

  14. Phew - thanks for the reminder :) Just donated! Good luck!

  15. Donated & shared. Whew - almost missed the deadline. God bless you guys!

  16. Donated and shared on FB. Praying that God opens all the doors and clears all the paths for you to bring your children home!

  17. Donated and shared on FB. Love to you always!!!

  18. Christine Sheets NutileJune 2, 2013 at 5:00 AM

    Donating and shared on FB. <3

  19. Donated and shared. Have a wonderful day and here's to meeting your goal!

  20. I can't donate right now but I shared on fb :) hope you raise all the money you need!

  21. Donated and shared on FB! Will continue to keep your family in our thoughts...