Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shamelessly begging for prayers...

What a difference a few hours makes!

Things were looking so promising around noon at my last blog post...

and then the dreaded email came.

Henry's country is closing down to foreign adoptions on July 11.

For at least 3 months (maybe longer since no plan/location/new government department has yet been set up to handle the re-opening).

We have one chance.

It is a very small one.


we can get our fingerprints done tomorrow and


those prints get back to USCIS on Friday and


our Officer issues our I171H to us immediately (by fax or email) and


we can get that last piece of paper to Henry's counrty by June 23.....

we might have a chance to travel in the next two weeks to bring him home.

If not....

he waits for at least another 3 months.

In an orphanage. In a crib. Unable to walk. With a cleft palate that can cause multiple ear infections and contribute to malnutrition. He turns "1" on July 23. His entire infancy gone, with no mommy or daddy.

We have very little control over all these "IF's"...

But God does. He is in charge. We need to cling to him like to a raft in dark and stormy seas.

So I greedily covet and shamelessly beg for your prayers and those of your families over the next few days.

St. Joseph, Patron of Adoptive Parents, Pray for Us!


  1. Oh no...this is awful. I know you've already adopted him in your heart and all the time that passes from now until you have him is AGONY. I know. Prayers for ifs...

  2. oh no :( i will definitely be praying for those "ifs"

  3. Oh, Lord. I am so sad… But I will pray like mad, because there is a chance this baby can still get home to you sooner!!! Please Lord, let it be so!

  4. I came here to thank you for the prayers for Nellie and now I'm giving mine to you.

    You and Henry will be in my prayers. I'll pray to St Joseph too.

  5. Oh no! Starting a novena to St. Joseph for you guys today!

  6. Hi, Carla! OUR Henry's birthday is July 11th....we will pray like crazy for our nephew to come home ASAP!
    Bridget, Dan & boys