Friday, June 24, 2011

Small consolations...

After my emotional breakdown of Wednesday night, I was numb...

I could not even think about my poor baby waiting for 3 more months for us for no good reason...

The next morning I woke up to an early voicemail...

It was my contact from Reece's Rainbow (the non-profit working with us to facilitate Henry's adoption) saying that our dossier was officially "submitted" in Henry's country...

This is a big deal.

Before the shut-down, it would mean that we were only weeks away from getting a travel date to meet our sweet baby.

Now, it does not mean that.

What it DOES mean is that the clock has stopped on all the paperwork in our dossier...that nothing can expire for the next year...

that we are close to being first in line to be issued a travel date when the country opens up again...

and most importantly...

that Henry is alive and available for adoption.

As the day went on and my numbness started to wear off, I became more and more grateful for this encouragement....

this sign that the Lord continues to work for our and Henry's good.


There will be no posts next week due to our family camping and canoeing vacation - didn't want anyone to worry!


  1. Oh, I missed the last post… I am glad I didn't see it till now. I am praying. May God keep Henry in the palm of His hand, till he gets in your arms.

  2. So glad that you received a little good news today before taking off on a much needed vacation. (if camping for a mom can ever be considered a vacation.)

    I am praying for all the families that the shutdown is over fast.

  3. I'm glad you have some good news. We're praying for you all.

  4. Kind of Gods way of letting you know He's got it all worked out. Funny how we relate to time. If you were dreading something, three months would be such a short time. Something like getting Henry in your arms, and three months takes on a whole different look. I'm praying the days fly by for you. Enjoy your trip.
    God Bless

  5. Oh my goodness!!! Such hopeful news! I'm sure the seconds seem like hours. Prayers!

  6. Wow, what great news!

  7. We were submitted the same day you guys were... and now we wait. God is sovereign... I pray He will protect our little ones until we can get to them... I don't know if your lil' guy is in the same region as our two... maybe we'll meet up on the other side in the fall. ;) Keep praying!

  8. this is such a hard wait----praying that God will guard your baby and give you strength!