Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yep, my friend Nancy was right....

this is the hard part.

Nothing to do but wait.

That is why prayer is such a gift.

We are able to take our energy, our desires, our intentions...and DO something with them....

turn them over to God.

So I will ask for 2 prayers.

First, that our Petition to Adopt Henry is "submitted" in his country TOMORROW, Thursday, June 23. This is a long shot...

the dossier just arrived on Monday the 20th, needs to translated, and then another piece of paper ordered in the country must accompany it AND someone at the SDA must actually process it.

But getting our I 171H in ONE DAY was a long shot too...

I firmly believe in miracles!!

Second, that the family trying to adopt sweet little Nathaniel can get him before the country closes down for at least 3 months in July....

Nathaniel could very likely DIE if he has to wait 3 months.

Go here to see:

Ask for the intercession of St. Thomas More if you are so inclined...his Feast Day is today! He is the patron saint of lawyers (thus my husband's and my devotion and giving our son Logan the middle name Thomas).

After his beloved first wife Jane died he was married again to a widow, Alice Middleton, to provide a mother to his 4 children....and he raised her daughter from her previous marriage as his own. More was an affectionate father who wrote letters to his children when he was away on legal or government business. He took a serious interest in the education of women, an attitude that was highly unusual at the time, and insisted on giving his daughters the same classical education given to his son!

He was a man of action AND a man of prayer.

Now the time for our action is done....

and we will wait in prayer.


  1. oh! I hate waiting extra days, especially when the precious months of lost babyhood are on the line. I lost weeks holding my newborn because of sickness, so I can only imagine how much this hurt. Will be praying to our buddy St. Thomas Moore for you. Stay strong in HOPE

  2. This is soon to be Nathanael's new Mommy. Thank you so much for posting his blog. I do pray we can bring him home before the SDA closes. We will not have our dossier submitted until another week. But our God is in control and can still get us there. Thanks so much for praying.