Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flip. Flop.

So two weeks ago it was "YAY! They decided to continue special needs adoptions! You need to be ready to leave at any time!"

One week ago it was "YAY! Lots of families submitted in June like you guys are getting their dates! You weren't in the first batch, but you will be coming soon!"

Yesterday it was, "They are giving appts for families that are adopting kids over 5 yrs old regardless of special needs. THEN, after THOSE families, they will give dates to families adopting kids under 5 but with special needs already on the "list." Henry has arthrogryposis, which IS on the list.

Today, the rumor "du jour" is that the current "interpretation" of the Parliament's order in Henry's country is that only adoptions of children over 5 will be allowed before October 11...

Henry just turned one.


I am feeling numb again.

Deep in the throes of what I have recently named "the wating funk."

A friend asked me if I feel "pregnant"....

well, in a bizarre kind of "I can't make plans to do anything, can't concentrate on anything, feel antsy and edgy" way....

YES - I feel all the yucky last trimester stuff...

without the consolation of knowing my baby is safe and sound under my heart.

For an in-control, make-it-happen, Type A kind of person.... this is maddening....

but maybe that is why God is having me go through it.

To "flip flop" me into a better mommy....a better PERSON...when it all is finally done.

Whenever that may be.


  1. SIGH. At the moment, that's all I have to say.


  2. I am so with you on this waiting roller coaster. It just plain stinks! Where did you hear about the adoptions only for age five and older until Oct? How would that work since some recent dates given were for younger kids? I hope this isn't true!

  3. It was a rumor heard by another adoptive mommy on FB...at the moment it is only a rumor....but everyone I have heard of who got a date since the reopening is adopting a child OVER 5, do you know for sure any UNDER 5's who were submitted in June who got SDA appointments?

  4. I'm so sorry, Carla.
    I can understand the feeling of anxiety when your baby isn't with you, safe in your arms. But you have a good outlook, and with all the prayers and good thoughts being sent your way, Henry will be home wih you soon.

  5. Yeah the Hannon family adopting Jaclyn & Harper were submitted June 2nd and have a travel date for Aug. 3rd. Their little girls are either 2 or 3. I think they are the only one's so far under 5, but still it is someone!

  6. You are right! The Hannon's girls are under 5...

    Hmmm...trying to figure this out will make you crazy!

    I need to just give up and pray!!

    Karyn - thanks for your encouragement from vacation!


  7. I know. The waiting is THE WORST most heart wrenching part of this journey. Believe it or not, the waiting will be over someday, and like labor pains, you will hardly remember it...

  8. What a maddening state of limbo! And when you are dealing with Ukraine, it's always difficult to figure out what/who to believe. Praying for travel dates all around. :)

  9. Ugh...how frustrating. Let's just go get him, okay?