Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Brent!

My oldest turns 19 today!! Happy Birthday Brent!!

He is an amazing young man -

a singer (Honors Chorale, Madrigals, Blue Review, etc.), actor (in musicals, comedies and dramas alike), National Honor Society member for 2 years, Tri-M Music Honor Society inductee, Student of the Year in the Special Services department at his high school, a Catechist aide for 1st graders in Religious Ed in our Church this fall, and next year will be attending Junior College aiming to become a Special Ed Teacher for elementary school children!!!

Oh, and he has a learning disability.

He essentially could not read in 6th grade. He was bullied. He was lost.

He wanted so much to please us and his teachers, but the difficulties were becoming too much...

So we made a decision to change schools to a district with acclaimed Special Ed services.

And a miracle of hope and hard work and determination occurred.

My Brent is the hardest working boy you will ever meet.

He is smart and talented.

But more important, he always has a smile for everyone and a heart to help children.

Especially those going through what he once did.

moved him to tears.

Someday my boy may be on Broadway as the next Dick Van Dyke...

or he may be a teacher helping little ones not feel so sad in school.

Either way I am blessed to be his mom....

and all his younger siblings are lucky to have him to look up to.

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  1. You must be so proud of this amazing young man!! Wow!!! Thank you and thank him for being hope in this crazy world.