Friday, March 9, 2012

6 months ago today....

....Henry and I landed on American soil and he became a citizen and met his brothers and sisters and grandparents and cousins and joined our family FOREVER!!!

I was remembering the joy of that day this morning...

And what was our present?

Henry's cleft repair and ear tube surgery scheduled for Monday March 12 was cancelled.

Due to his hospitalization for RSV in February (which cancelled our FIRST try for this surgery) they want to wait a few more weeks until putting him under General Anesthesia.

Which I understand is needed for his safety.

But since we will be going to CHOP the first week in April for all his VEPTR-related tests and since the surgeons will be on vacation the second week of April (after Easter), that puts his surgery the week of April 16 at the EARLIEST...

and my little guy who probably cannot hear a normal conversation due to the fluid build-up in his ear canals due to the cleft palate will have to live in silence for WEEKS longer...

which makes me very sad this afternoon.


PART 2 of my Discerning Adoption series will be posted on Monday.....

now that we will not be in surgery...



  1. so so sorry. God must have a reason...

  2. (((((HUGS)))))
    We are going through trying to get Dima's tonsils removed quickly and the referrals keep getting "lost". His tonsils are so swollen they almost touch:(
    Continuing to keep you and Henry in my prayers! Give him a gentle little hug from his buddy!!!

  3. So sorry about the surgery delay!

  4. Two steps forward and one step back for little Henry. Poor kiddo. As usual, I think this sort of thing is harder on momma than on baby, so I will say a prayer for you!