Friday, March 16, 2012

In case you were not convinced...

of the reality of Spiritual Warfare as mentioned in Monday's post here -

let me bring you up to speed.

There was an amazing response to my post Monday on Discerning Adoption... I was contacted by many families wondering if special needs adoption was the path for their family and seeking further information about Reece's Rainbow and the waiting children...

there has even been interest in sweet Malcolm, although no one has committed to be his family yet...

did you see his grant fund is over $7,000??!?!?!?

and there is MORE much more....we will start another fundraising BLITZ for him on Monday, March 26!!

So flush from the success of the early part of the week, here is the rest...

I was bashed by a woman making an illegal U-turn in the middle of a block heading home yesterday. She had an expired license. She did not follow me to the police station to make a report as the police instructed us over the phone. According to the police, her license plates do not match the car that hit me. It is likely she gave me false insurance information...we will know more tomorrow.

This crazy 5 yo boy jumped off the highest playground equipment on Wednesday....and limped the rest of that day....and all day yesterday....and this morning....and so we are heading into the orthopedic doc to see what he did to his foot...we will know more this afternoon.

On the Henry front....I cannot get anyone to send me the results of his sleep study...and we have not confirmed a new date for his cleft palate repair yet...and I cannot get his teeth fixed at the same time as the cleft repair/ear tubes NOR during any of the 3 sedated tests he will be having at CHOP the first week of April.

So there is my week.

I am not looking for dark shadows behind every corner....

and I realize bad stuff can "just happen"...

but when all this happens and I hear a low seething voice going "Stop blogging. Malcolm is not your responsibility. You are busy enough. Take care of your own first. Let someone else advocate, someone with more time.... go watch some TV, you deserve it......"

I realize that I need to do the OPPOSITE.

So I blogged instead of having a coffee break....and now it is off to therapy for Henry and x-rays for Logan and insurance calls on the car and call after call to the hospital to find sleep study results so I will know if Henry is stopping breathing while he rests....

What is it for YOU today???? 

That you know God is calling you to do but you are scared or tired or under attack about???

Maybe it is going to and donating to that child whose face keeps popping up in your head??

Maybe it is tackling a project that would make your spouse happy that you have procrastinated....

Maybe it is thinking about what to make for dinner NOW instead of at 5:30pm....

Listen to the still small quiet loving voice that calls you to do what you KNOW you need to do.

And start your weekend off convinced and convicted!!! Have a good one!!!

I will....

no matter what....

take that Screwtape.


  1. My dear Friend, you are an incredibly awesome woman and I am inspired by your strength and faith.

  2. Take that indeed, Screwtape!!! Keep moving forward, you're doing just fine and tell that minute one to GET BEHIND YOU! Love ya, lady!

  3. You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for your posts. God bless you! Lisa :)

  4. I am RELIEVED that you are working for Malcolm as well. I am praying my heiney off that GOD changes my husband's heart and banishes all his fear. If that happens I will definitely jump at the chance to make Malcolm ours. I am working on a fundraiser as well with my tiny little Etsy shop. I will post it on here when ready!
    I started my own blog as well. . . .but I am really a newbie at all of this and will need my hubby to show my how to put buttons on my page.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  5. Thank you so much for advocating for Malcolm. I've also advocated for him on my blog, with the short video of him learning to walk. I'll try to remember to link to your blog when you post the new fundraiser for him. Again, thank you :-)


  6. Carla, I am so so so glad to see your posts about Malcolm! I too have been blogging about him. The first time I saw his picture and read his story, I cried for two days straight. Adoption isn't possible for us right now, but I have been praying and praying for his mom and dad to find him SOON, and I am so delighted to see that others have too!


  7. Carla - love your blog, and your words of wisdom for the day. Found you through Danya's HE ADOPTED ME FIRST blog and the LITTLE CATHOLIC BUBBLE.

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