Friday, April 13, 2012

So here's the deal....

After a bit of "prompting" from yours truly, Henry's medical team came up with a plan to get us out of here one way or another....

They put him BACK on the steroids he had been taken OFF of on Monday, noting that he started having more trouble breathing again Tuesday night...

Scenario #1: after 24-48 hours on steroids he is doing so well we start weaning him off oxygen and he STAYS off all oxygen for 24 hours... Then we can be discharged and find a way to get home :-)

Scenario #2: after 24-48 hours on steroids repeated attempts to wean off oxygen do NOT work throughout the weekend...Then we are looking at a medical flight to transfer Henry to the PICU at Children's Memorial on Monday....

Either way we get back home....

But obviously I am praying for #1...

Would love to have you join me!!

To inspire you, here is a pic of my sleepy boy napping on Mommy...


  1. Joining you in praying for the best case scenario! You are such a champ, Carla. Hang in there! Henry's sweet little face just melts me. Hope he is feeling a lot better soon!

  2. Offering up all I can for your little Henry. I love his little lips! He's such a doll.

  3. As a PICU mom, I feel for you and am praying for the best outcome possible.

  4. Come Home Henry! It's opening day and the Sox Won! Chicago misses you. (((hugs))) and prayers

  5. I've been following quietly as soon as I heard about your story from Leila--I'm a Little catholic Bubble follower. I truly feel for Henry. I will pray for him and offer up the sacrifices us moms get to offer if we are in the moment and generous enough.:-)

    Praying for Henry, praying he can finally go home!

  6. Oh, I'll be praying God pours His Divine Mercy upon little Henry and your family and he comes home soon!!

    I'm coming over from Becky's blog and am a lurker and a pray-er.

  7. I have a cleft palate/lip baby and your sweet little boy really made me think and pray for all those special little babies in the orphanages because it takes patience and love to feed these babes. (which comes easy to us mamas) But, I just pray that the employees in the orphanages have that love and patience with them.

  8. Still praying for you! Sorry I don't check as often as I used to. Praying you are home?