Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still in the PICU...

Good news: Henry passed his swallow test and is not aspirating so we can keep feeding him! Yay!

Bad news: Henry needs to be completely off oxygen for 24 hours before we can leave... And a trial removal of his nasal canula a few hours ago did not work, so he is back on.

So can you all send up "Breathe Henry Breathe!!" prayers tonight please??

I miss my children at home (especially 3 year old Tessa) very much.


  1. Praying (and available to help if useful, I'm local)!!

  2. Praying!!! I have surgery tomorrow and will offer it especially for Henry.

  3. Oh gosh, praying so hard for Henry to breathe on his own. Praying the Lord gives you strength to endure this Carla!

  4. PRAYING FOR YOU GUYS all the way from here at the Ronald McDonald House! We miss you!!!!

    (Btw - Tessa's face when she saw you on the Iphone Facetime was priceless!)

    - Andrew, Cristina and Maria Isabella