Monday, August 6, 2012

All Oliver...All the time....

YES! There is more!!!

More pictures of Oliver here:

And a new blog by the WONDERFUL family offering his matching grant!!!

PLEASE GO SEE...and share...and donate if you can....

and I will offer an extra incentive!!!

My daughters (ages 13 and 7) make handmade beaded bracelets, many with blown glass bead and semi-precious stones...

some examples are shown below...

If you donate $100 to Oliver's grant fund, email me your PayPal receipt ( with the main color you would like in the bracelet and the size needed (women's or girl's or you can be exact with the inches around your wrist)....

and I will have my daughters hand-craft a bracelet TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS and mail it out to you!!!!

Let's get his fund up and rolling and meet that matching grant!!!

My uncle (a Catholic priest) will be saying Mass at 1:30pm Central Time specifically for the intention that God protect Oliver's mind and heart and send him a children and I and several other prayer warriors will be attending...

PLEASE join us in asking our heavenly Father to set this sweet boy into a family!!!


  1. That's awesome! Will share your blog post!

  2. "...for the intention that God protect Oliver's mind and heart and send him a family"

    Gosh, this is so perfect. Please, Lord, protect him in this way.

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