Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Just yesterday....

the day my Uncle offered a Mass for Oliver and all the other orphans and families of Reece's Rainbow...

I received this AMAZING information from a family adopting a child from Oliver's orphanage!!!!

    • We saw Oliver today!! Sadly we did not get a photo - sorry  :( He was being strolled for a walk outside by a nanny. The nanny even picked him up and held him for a little bit. He is Beautiful!!!
    • He was lying down and when the nanny picked him up he was flat as a board :( I doubt very much that he can sit -
    • Yes, he was loving life outside!!!!
    • no we did not hear any vocalizing - sorry :( he did seem to be interested in being outdoors - YES!!! Oh Love the matching grant!!! WOO HOO!!!!


      So we now know that Oliver has NOT YET BEEN TRANSFERRED!! Which is huge!

      Thank you Lord for sending him someone to care for him!

      But the urgency remains...

      Knowing what I do about the care schedules in orphanages in Oliver's country, this caregiver probably does not work on the weekends....there is a minimal staff on Saturdays and this kind of attention would only happen during the week, and probably not every day...

      Also Oliver is already he is living on BORROWED TIME...he is eligible AT ANY MOMENT for transfer to the institution...where the caregiver to patient ratio is much much lower than at the babyhouse....

      We know more now.

      He probably cannot sit up. Right now. He probably is non-verbal. Right now.

      Same with Henry.

      But don't let this scare you.

      Click on the video below:

      THAT is the reality of a non-verbal, cannot "sit up or hold his own head up" child...

      Not scary at all is it??  Frankly its tons of fun! Hear how excited I sounded as he figured out his dinosaur toy!! See how proud he was of himself!!

      Now that we know a little more about the reality of Oliver's life...
      and I have shared the reality of Henry's life...

      can YOU do your part to help make Oliver having a family and a future a REALITY??

      Pray. Share. Donate. Adopt.


  1. Sooooo happy for new news, and for the reminder that his need for a family is urgent!

  2. Oh what a relief to know those details! Make sure you thank your Uncle for all of us:)

    I just hope that this caregiver continues to take him outside and to hold him. I ache for him. I sit and rock Nelson 2 or 3 times a day before naps and bed and in those moments of quiet with him snoozing or nursing, I think of all the little ones who will never know that, especially Oliver.

  3. Great news!!! Oh sweet boy...we will keep praying.

  4. Congratulations on Oliver! What a sweet jewel, praying he is home soon with his family!