Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yep, he did it again...

Henry is SO special...

A dental surgery originally estimated at 2 hours takes 4 1/2 hours...

What looked like an easy recovery and precautionary overnight hospital
stay turned at midnight into fever, vomiting, de-saturating, nasal canula for oxygen, weird high blood sugar results, weird chest x-ray results, and finally morphine so my little guy would stop screaming (from 4-6am)!

The good news is the 102.5 fever finally broke about 9am... The bad news is he is still working too hard to breathe and they are still not sure exactly what caused/is causing Henry's problems...

So we are on way down to the ICU...

Thanks for prayers!

PS His teeth look GORGEOUS :-)


  1. Henry, I love you! You're very tough to figure out medically body just means that you have an easier, sweeter, more perfect soul. Heal up quick, Mr. H! You're big sisters miss you!

    Keep going Mama. May you get rest soon!

  2. It's just a thought, but isn't it possible, that he is sensitive/allergic to one of anesthetics?

    Get well soon little Henry!


  3. Praying, Will they be able to try to prevent this reaction after his next surgery or at least be ready for it more?