Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012....

Good Bye my baby boy...

Until we meet in heaven...


  1. My heart remains with you and your precious baby, Carla.

  2. I'm praying the Tears of Our Lady chaplet for you today and tomorrow, for your intentions.

    The Tears of Our Lady chaplet is the same as the Seven Sorrows, just a shortened version. One Hail Mary for every sorrow. I used to sell this chaplet in my store, I probably will again. Anyway, Our Lady promises that those who walk with her in her sorrows, she will also walk with them in theirs...

    Praying for you along with Henry today.

  3. Carla, my heart breaks for you again and again.... Wish there was some way to ease your pain. Just stay close to your Henry in prayer. You will hold him again, hon. And we will not forget him ever. (((hugs))))

  4. Henry is never far from my little blogging mind.