Monday, December 10, 2012

Sharing this...

Don't miss the video of sweet Henry playing at the mall last spring...

I miss him so so much....


  1. It was good to see a video of Henry in action.
    I'm sure you do miss him.
    We blogger people remember him and wish we were reading more updates.
    I'm glad the newspaper wrote a feature article about him. We're glad Henry was able to experience the love and fun of a family.

  2. I can imagine that the pain must be setting more and more each day. I'm so sorry again, for your loss.

    I don't normally "promote" my blog, but I wrote a tribute to Henry if you would like to read it.

  3. The article presented your story beautifully. And the video....just so, so cute. Still praying for you, and keeping Henry's candle and name card by the Mary statue in my room.

  4. Oh what a darling boy! I am so very sorry for your loss. I only discovered your blog through Leila's, after his passing. I have read the entire thing and have been so touched by your story. I could feel your love for him through the pages. My heart aches for you and the void you must feel. I and so many others are praying for your comfort and peace. Henry touched so many hearts - mine will never be the same. God bless you and your family.
    Lori S.

  5. That video is just too cute! He was such a happy little roller!

  6. The article was lovely. I know it will open many eyes and hearts to adoption.

    I miss Henry, just knowing he's in the world rolling around and playing and getting all his snuggles from you and the family. I can't imagine how much you must miss him.

  7. The video. Oh, my. Oh, my. I miss him and I never met him.