Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Match.... A Date.... A Gift...

Good news comes in Three's!


We met our matching grant! Your generous donations over last last 2 weeks turned our matching donors $2500 into double that... $5000! We still need about $3000 more to cover the massive travel costs to get all 3 children from their region to the Capitol (a 15 hour train ride or a 2 hour ride on a tiny plane, not sure which option scares me more!) then stay in Capitol for visa processing and medical/TB testing and then ultimately fly home. Our family sponsorship fund is still up and running to the right!


We have a date to go to the capital city of our children's country and ask for their referral!
Paul and I are both traveling initially and he will leave after our Court date and will hopefully be home by Thanksgiving, while I will stay for the mandatory 10 day wait for the decree to become final and should be able to bring the children home by Christmas!


We were blessed to receive new pictures of our 2 youngest children which we cannot share publicly just yet...

But here is a little something to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. <3

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