Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Henry Day!!

2 years ago today, the afternoon of September 9, we brought Henry home to our entire family.

So many joys...

So much sorrow...

So like all of life.

Today lets celebrate the joy.

And lets do it with french fries.

French fries were the first solid food Henry would eat and we think it is because he could feed himself (rather than having food shoved down his throat which would make him aspirate due to his cleft palate).

Today, I am getting my children fries. Big bunches of fries.

And we will eat them...

and maybe cry just a little bit...

but we will remember our little guy who had 14 months of fries and love.


  1. I've a bag of potatoes I was going to roast today. Guess I'm cutting up some fries instead! Only for you Henry!!!


  2. We'll be having fries today. Love to you all.

  3. Miss him so. So grateful he had his 14 months of love and fries with the best family ever!

  4. McDonald's fries always remind me of Henry. going to treat the kids today! Love you all!

  5. Smiling through my tears. Those Henry french fry pictures were the BEST!

  6. Precious memories! Happy Days!