Thursday, September 19, 2013

Simplified Symphony!!!

So a few people mentioned they wanted to donate on our last BIG PUSH to fundraise....

but they found all the giveaways and options a big confusing...

you know what?

Me too. And I even had my coffee :-)

So I am going to make this simple....


and donate $10 or more to our TAX DEDUCTIBLE adoption fund.....

and you will automatically be entered to WIN ALL THE PRIZES listed at (including a 2nd gen iPad and Otterbox donated in honor of my Henry! AND a $500 Visa Gift Card AND a Canon Power Shot Digital Camera AND and iPad Mini AND your choice of a Kindle Fire/Nintendo 3DS AND a whole bunch more gift cards, gorgeous art prints, etc.

If you can SHARE on your blog or FB just leave a comment below and I will make sure you get an entry (everyone who has shared up until now HAS been entered also)!!!!

Simple, right!

We have had $770 since the Symphony began on Friday and we need $1,730 more to meet our matching grant of $2500!!!

We hope to have a travel date to receive our childrens' referral very soon and bring them home before Christmas!!

We could not do this without all of you!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!


  1. donated $10 :) Jallison25 is the paypal it is coming from

  2. Donated and shared on FB!! Andersonest04