Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bringing Baby to the Lord

I stopped by the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel at our parish for a few minutes on the way back home from a school meeting and errands...

OK, and a cup of (decaf) coffee at Starbucks, you got me!!

As I was sitting in prayer I remembered bringing Tessa along as a baby to the same Chapel...

one time she was so sleepy I laid her down on a blanket on the floor and she napped for almost an hour in front of the Monstrance!

I thought, "Why not do it again? Jesus said to bring him the little children."

So I took out my picture of Henry and laid it on the floor in front of me before Our Lord in the Eucharist while I prayed....

someday I will to bring him here in person....


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Congratulations on your wonderful husband and finding your son!!! Praying for you as you prepare to bring him home!

  2. This is beautiful. I love adoration too.