Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I hope you guys don't mind the little "teasers" the last few days...just wanted to make our Announcement a bit more fun!

Henry (a name to protect his identity) was born on July 24, 2010 with a cleft palate and a condition called arthrogryposis in his legs and feet.  Arthrogryposis is a congential condition which involves curved or hooked joints and limited range of motion of the affected joints. In Henry’s country, children with mental and physical disabilities are usually given up at birth. If they are not adopted by age five, they are transferred to an institution where the care is less than ideal at best and tragic at worst, especially for a child facing extra challenges (see this post below).
The international adoption process can be rough. In addition to completing multiple steps here in the United States, it will probably be necessary for us to make at least two trips to Eastern Europe to satisfy the legal requirements of that country. It is estimated that the entire adoption process will cost between $25,000 and $40,000.   Additionally, once we bring Henry home, he will need extensive medical care and physical therapy. 
We are adopting with the help of a non-profit organization called “Reece’s Rainbow,” which specializes in the international adoption of children with Downs Syndrome and other disabilities.  They have established a fund which will be used to help us cover the costs associated with Henry’s adoption expenses.   Any donations you make to Henry’s fund through Reece’s Rainbow are tax deductable and the identity of donors and amounts given are not disclosed to us.  Just click on the cute small pic of Henry in his "button" to the right. We would welcome any donation, no matter how small! Someone has donated $6 already, God bless! 

Thanks for all your support and for sharing in our joy!

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