Thursday, March 31, 2011

My hubby says the most romantic things....

We went to Dr. M's office today - he is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. It was "recommended" for our home study that we talk with a doctor about arthrogryposis and the treatment/prognosis for Henry.

He looked at one of  the two pictures we have and said Henry definitely has arthrogryposis of his knees and feet, but cannot tell about the hips from the picture...he also said that there may be some hand involvement from the position of his hand/fingers.

When we mentioned Henry also had a cleft palate he said that this raises the possiblity that Henry may have an additional congenital "syndrome" that involving other systems such as the heart, kidneys, etc. and that we should be aware of this possibility when adopting.

My DEAR husband replied, "If that is the case, we will deal with it when he is here. We are "all in" - no matter what."

Thank you God for my wonderful husband. I love him more every day.


  1. What a wonderful hubby! I am so happy that ya'll are adopting Henry. I wonder if he and Winston are buddies.

  2. Thanks Nancy!

    You will probably get there first (just went to look at your blog) so will have to tell us if you get to see Henry too!

  3. TEARS! I swear, I fall more in love with my hubs with every kiddo! We picked good ones!

  4. So great. I'm praying for you, and linking to you. Maybe more traffic will bring more donations?