Monday, April 4, 2011

Adoption To-Do List #2

Ok, getting the hang of how to make this work...I think I will post this series on each Monday, including on how I did at completing last weeks list...

WEEK of MARCH 28, 2011

1) Physical for 3 youngest - CHECK
2) Fill Out paperwork packet #1 from Homestuday - Will be done by end of day
3) Request mortgage and home ownership info - Printed out, will give to Paul to request
4) Meet with ped orthopedic doc - CHECK

Not too bad for a prone-to-procrastination gal!! Onward and forward...

WEEK of APRIL 4, 2011

1) Give Paul Packet #1 to copy and mail out to Homestudy Agency
2) Call friend whose child had cleft palate and get her doc info
3) Check out Adoption training class schedule at FRC and online (Paul and I need to each do 10 hours)
4) Pick up bracelets from A on Tuesday and bring them (and ours) to Mom on Wednesday

You will be hearing more about (and seeing!) these bracelets soon! My mom taughter my oldest daughters (ages 12 and 6) and my niece (age 9) to make these last week and they have been having so much fun working on them to support our Adoption of Henry!

These are beautiful quality bracelets strung on jewelers wire with lobster clasps and made with real semi-precious stones and tiny glass beads, each originally designed and one unique...just like all the children waiting for forever families!

We will be offering them for a donation online, on Facebook and here - hopefully next week!

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  1. Good job, Carla! Can't wait to see the bracelets!