Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am so excited to share these amazing handmade bracelets with you....

My daughters Ella (6) and Sabrina (11) have been working on them for almost a month now....

my niece Sofia (9) and my mom (ageless!) also made so many beautiful designs...

let me show you just a few of the OVER 100 bracelets we have to share!!

My amateurish photography does not even begin to do them justice!! Some include semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals...all are one-of-a-kind original!!

And they can be yours (or a special Mother's Day present perhaps?) with a story behind the box....

that this gift is helping a little guy halfway across the globe to have a mommy and daddy and a future!!

I will mail them to you in time for Mother's Day if you order before next Wednesday, May 4!

Just click on the small pic of Henry to the right and make a donation to our Family Sponsorship Page...suggested donation of $25 (including shipping) for 1, $45 for 2, 3 or more email me first and we can discuss ;-)

After you donate, email me (Carla) at with a general color preference and let me know if for a grown-up or a child (we have regular and smaller sizes available) for each bracelet ordered...along with your name and address of course!!

Feel free to share this post with other jewelry fans!! We can always make more!!

And thanks again for helping us bring our little Henry home as soon as possible!!


  1. Carla these are GORGEOUS! Great Job to Ella and Sabrina : ) I would love to see what you have with Red!

  2. Give me your email again Melissa and I will show the red ones!