Sunday, April 24, 2011


He is Risen! And everything is different.....




I will work on keeping all of these this entire Easter Season (50 days)....

and see what the Lord brings to surprise He surprised Mary at the tomb that morning...


  1. Blessed Easter to you!! I am praying hard for you all and dear Henry. I am also praying for your friends who have lost so many babies (you wrote on Nicole's wall). I wonder if they have tried progesterone to keep their babies? So many of the IF bloggers (and NaPro docs/practitioners) use the PIO shots to keep their babies from miscarrying… It's like a miracle drug. Just thought I would throw that out there, but you will need to ask TCIE or Kaitlin or JBTC or others for more info. They have so much knowledge.

  2. Easter Blessings to you too! Last week was rough for me as I realized I have NO ability to control whether we are able to travel to Henry this summer or not...
    I am struggling to trust (of course, the Divine Mercy Novena these last few days is very helpful for that)..
    My friend was on progesterone cream this pg, I did not realize there were shots, I will pass info along, she might be getting a new doc soon...
    she had 5 completely healthy uneventful pgs (and resulting children) before her baby died and and now is carrying this heavy cross...Thanks for your prayers!!!!

  3. Alleluia! All is well with my friend and baby at the moment!!
    The power of prayer!