Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crazy is Good

The comments have started (as I knew they would)...

"What, adopting? Are you crazy?"

"Don't you have enough children already?"

"That is just too much money!"

Last one first.

Does anyone ever tell someone here in the US that they are crazy for spending $25,000 on a minivan????

Why does redeeming the life of a child make you crazy but a brand spankin' new minivan gets a CONGRATULATIONS????

And I have plenty of children for me, but lots of little ones NEED A MOMMY AND DADDY!!!

And yes, after reading testimonies like the one below,  from a Dad who has adopted from EE and has also done many mission trips around the world...


I will just admit it....I AM CRAZY!


  1. You go girl!!! Stay crazy!
    and God bless!

  2. yes,if opening your hearts to special needs child that otherwise will live the rest of his live in a deplorable institution without out human interaction and love qualifies you as crazy, then stay crazy girl!! I for one am very envious of this journey that you and your family have decided to take on!

  3. Well said! I love the minivan example! That is so true!

    You are probably now beyond the stage where unsolicited comments about your family size are a big deal (if they ever were)! This is a whole new level of openness to life that looks supercrazy to our culture. And our need for it exceeds even the extent to which it is so viewed. So happy for you guys and for baby Henry!

  4. Getting the same comments here (this will be #10)-but used to it. I had the same thought about a car the other day (although, I would never spend that much on a car!). someone remarked ho all of our birth children were "free"-why would we pay for one?

    Opportunity to pray for that individual.

  5. I like your kind of crazy-and we are thinking on a precious one in Henry's region so I am very interested in watching your story unfold. You go crazy and we'll be following ya soon-God willing. :)