Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Blessings

Let me count the ways the Lord has blessed me already today...

1) Dear friends making a generous gift for Henry...we treasure your friendship and are humbled by your witness!

2) Supportive pastor + awesome parish family = successful bracelet fundraiser!
Thanks Fr. Greg and St. Anthony and my awesome bracelet-makers -
Ella, Sabrina, Sofia, and their mentor Granny!

3)Quiet time with Jesus at Adoration, followed by breakfast with faith-filled awesome women who promised to pray for Henry and our family all summer until we meet again for bible study in the fall!

4)Parents who 100% behind our adoption and who are planning a mega yard sale to benefit Henry!
As you can see on our fundraising thermometer, our goal has increased. This is due to the steadily increasing cost of of airfare (especially if we end up traveling at peak season this summer) and to the new computerized court system in Henry's country, which may make our stay in his region longer and/or necessitate a trip home to wait for court if a long delay is needed.

5) My loving husband and children...a gift every single day!

Have a blessed Monday!!

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