Monday, May 30, 2011

Up a Tree

I have always liked to climb trees.

There was a big maple in my parent's backyard that I like to "hang out" in.... I even rigged a rope and a pail system so I could load in a drink, a portable radio and a book.... I would pull it up after I climbed to the comfy spot near the top and sit and read for an hour or two...

no little siblings bug you when you are up in a tree ;-)

We recently discovered (courtesy of my 6 year old daughter who must have inherited my climbing gene) that we have several very good climbing trees in our backyard.

My hubby came home from work one day and found me with the 3 little ones enjoying the day from a treetop and snapped the picture above.

Simple pleasures.

Climbing trees. Blowing bubbles. Popcorn and and a movie in a dark cool basement. Bike rides.

None of that will change by adopting a child with some special needs...

We will be BLESSED with more sharing....more hugs....

more love......

Another buddy to climb and blow bubbles and watch movies and eat popcorn and ride bikes with.

The kids and hubby and I cannot wait to have another little monkey up that tree with us.

Please pray that our little one remains safe and sound and that we travel to bring him home to his climbing siblings very soon!!

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