Monday, May 2, 2011

Ora et Labora

When I was "freaking out" a bit (Ok, a LOT!) about whether we would be able to bring Henry home this summer due to circumstances beyond our control in Henry's country, a wise priest (who happens to be my Uncle!) gave me those words of counsel:

Ora et Labora

This saying of the Benedectines is an excellent motto for the Christian life.

We need to PRAY for what we need....

and follow up our prayers with the WORK that supports our earthly needs.

I know God will provide the money we need for our adoption because we are following His will.

I know that I cannot sit on my backside waiting for the money to roll in because that is NOT His will.

The Dobrovits family is doing their part - ie. not splurging on a big fabulous dinner out on Mother's Day...

I am doing my little part - ie. switching from professionally highlighting my hair to a box of drugstore color...

We are being faithful, in both word AND deed.

Our dear pastor at St. Anthony gave us the green light to sell our bracelets after Mass this Mother's Day...

You can still order these handmade bracelets for mailing all the way through May - for graduations, First Communions (we have little girl sizes and styles), for any lovely lady you know who would like a little "bling" in her life....

Ora et labora.

Pray and work.

To bring Henry home.

To dispel worry....

because our great God is holding Henry in the palm of His hand.


  1. Tears. Yes. Pray AND work and He blesses us. What a beautiful mother you are already in your sacrifice! Glorious!

  2. Try applying for a grant from the place who helped us -

    There is a Catholic one called "Little Flowers" too.

    You are doing an awesome job!

    Thank you for always commenting on my blog! I love comments!

  3. I love this! The Benedictines are awesome.

    Your bracelets are so pretty, and I love that your girls are working to get their new baby brother home. Getting ready to order some.