Monday, May 23, 2011

Quick Update!!

Tomorrow morning, our Home Study will be sent into US Customs and Immigration. They need to give us permission to get fingerprinted and then will issue an I-171H to allow us to leave the country to adopt and to bring Henry back with us.

We spent an extra day getting a letter from a physician  (thanks Dr. B!) asking for an expedited process due to Henry's medical impairments. A family down in Alabama received their I-171H in a bit over 2 weeks following this procedure, where the regular waiting period is usually at least 2 months!

Please pray that everything moves as quickly as possible to bring Henry home.

Children coming home from his country have been in poor shape, some requiring hospitalization as soon as they reach the US in order to teach their bodies how to absorb nutrients again.

It has happened to Carrington (

to Julia (

to Dusty and Sonya ( - scroll down and see the picture of sweet little Dusty who is so thin!!

Please also pray for a dear little boy named Kirill whose Mommy and Daddy appear before a Supreme Court to beg to bring their sweet child home. And for Brady's Mommy and Daddy, rescuing him from an institution, who are also appearing in a court tomorrow, begging to be allowed to bring him home to the love of a family.

Finally, thanks to Nathaniel's ( family - you are the answer to fervent prayers. I cannot wait to meet you!!

So many needs, so many prayers, so much to be thankful for.

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